Special issue on the spatiality of violence in postwar cities – Deadline 31 October

We recently published a call for abstracts for a special issue of Third World Thematics that will analyse the spatiality of violence in postwar cities (see full-text here), and the deadline is on 31 October. We invite contributions that explore where, how, when, and why urban violence manifests itself within postwar cities; how the continuity and concentration of violence in postwar cities affects the wider contexts of these cities; as well as city-specific ways of preventing and managing violence. We look for authors who adopt a spatial analysis of the city and explore intra-city patterns and dynamics of violence, how space is physically and ideationally contested and fought over, and how urban planning and the built environment affects and is affected by manifestations of violence. To submit your abstract, or if you want more information, please contact emma.elfversson@pcr.uu.se