Vulnerable Cities

Recent tragic events in Brussels, Jerusalem, Aleppo, Bagdad and Paris demonstrate all too well the vulnerability of cities and urban life to urban violence and armed conflict. Global and national politics seem to have imploded into the urban world and led to the proliferation of urban wars and outbursts of violence in cities, developments which undoubtedly pose severe challenges to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. An overview of existing research identifies a significant gap on the vulnerable city in the nexus of urban violence, armed conflict, and conflict prevention.


This project asks how urban violence links to armed conflict in cities and what strategies of conflict prevention can successfully be employed to prevent the escalation of urban violence and armed conflict. To answer these research questions the project aims to: 1) map and categorize urban violence, its forms, causes, intensity and duration, and identify the link between different forms of urban violence and armed conflict, 2) critically assess how various urban planning, governance and regeneration strategies may generate, sustain, or prevent violence and armed conflict, and 3) develop a toolbox for conflict prevention to address political urban violence and prevent the manifestation of armed conflict in cities.

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